Life Charting for Clinicians

About Life Charting

Are you a clinician who needs to track the course of your patient’s illness? The clinician retrospective and prospective life chart manuals and forms could be extremely useful to you.  Download these forms below.

Clinician Retrospective and Prospective Manuals and Forms:

Formal life charting is an effective and valuable tool for the longitudinal retrospective and prospective assessment of affective disorders. The process of retrospective life charting can progress in several stages, at the onset providing clinician and patient with a first visual overview of a patient’s prior course of illness while also potentially signaling the beginning of a joint endeavor to construct a very detailed retrospective life chart incorporating data collected from many different sources.

A brief “rough” life chart represents a useful entity in itself and can uncover several important aspects of a patient’s course of illness. Since the life chart essentially incorporates all aspects of the patient’s previous psychiatric history, it should from the very beginning form an integral part of the current assessment.

Downloading Life Chart Forms and Manuals:

The clinician life chart manuals and forms are in Adobe Acrobat *.pdf form. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program that you can download from the internet at: readstep2.html

Clinician Retrospective Forms and Manuals:

Clinician Retrospective Form

Clinician Retrospective Manual

Clinician Prospective Forms and Manuals:

Clinician Prospective Form

Clinician Prospective Manual