Suggestions for Physicians Treating Parents with Bipolar Disorder

October 25, 2013 · Posted in Current Treatments, Potential Treatments 

family with boy

  1. Support Pregnant Women with Bipolar Disorder
    A. Depression during pregnancy is more common among women with bipolar disorder than among controls–consider cognitive behavioral therapy, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, & rTMS
    B. 52% incidence of post-partum depression (3x higher than controls)–Monitor closely and treat accordingly
  2. Ask Your Affectively Ill Patients About Their Children
  3. Encourage Good Diet and Exercise in These Children
  4. Encourage Watchful Waiting in Families with Children at High Risk
  5. If a Child becomes Symptomatic, Suggest:
    A. Family Focused Therapy (FFT), or other Family-Based Treatment
    B. Low-Risk Interventions Like Nutrition and Sleep Hygiene
  6. If a Child Develops BP-NOS, Encourage:
    A. Mainstream Pharmacotherapy
    B. Increased Social Support (Family, Friends, Advocacy)
  7. If a Child Develops BP-I, Encourage Ongoing Monitoring & Medication
  8. If an Adolescent Becomes Manic, Educate About Substance Abuse and Attempt Primary Prevention of a Substance Abuse Disorder


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